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Arkansas Asphalt News' Latest Edition Features the I-540 Fort Smith Rubblization Project

Apr 7

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Attendees of the 10th Annual Arkansas Asphalt Pavement Association Conference in Little Rock, AR were presented with the many benefits, challenges and successes involved with the rehabilitation of concrete interstate. The timeline, budget, safety and engineered performance of the interstate remained top of mind.

Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. partnered with RMI on the rubblization of I-540 in Fort Smith, AR. Corey Wollen, Project Engineer, explained to the crowd of over 300 attendees, "We're very proud of the project. It's been very successful."

Arkansas is not new to rubblization.  In fact, Arkansas has rubblized more concrete pavement than in other entity in the world. As 100% of the original interstate system was built of concrete pavement, many sections are meeting their service life (average 35.2 years). 

Beginning over 15 years ago, Arkansas turned to the rehabilitation method of rubblization as a means to upgrading the degrading infrastructure. Many of the the first rubblizing projects maintain the original asphalt overlay showing virtually no cracking or rutting; a testament to structural design of the pavement. "We've got to start smooth and stay smooth," states Alan Meadors, the AHTD Planning and Research Head and Engineer, "There is much more to a good road." Meadors eludes to the importance of eliminating rutting and cracking in the new asphalt surface with the implementation of such rehabs options like rubblization.

Engineers continue to research the performance of a rubblized road. With the amount of rubblization projects Arkansas DOT has released for bid, only one thousand linear has under-performed due to an important, sometimes overlooked, project design: drainage. "We're spending a lot of time looking at drainage... We're convinced drains give us better interstate surfaces and extend the life of the pavement," proclaims Meadors.

More details about the Arkansas APA conference can be found in their recent edition of Arkansas Asphalt News.


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